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Hello, my name is Miss Fitzjohn and I am the Mulberry class teacher and EYFS lead. I would like to welcome you to the Foundation Stage page on our website. Mrs Gibbard is the Plum class teacher. Alongside us we have Miss Hankinson, Miss Hale, Miss Lock, Mrs Davies, Miss Plenty and Mrs Mullins. We are the Foundation Stage team. We love learning and having lots of fun. 

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Lots of information can be found by reading our Newsletters. Please click on the link below. 

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Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Overview explains our Learning Goals during the term. 

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Sharing Letters

We will send home a sharing letter every Monday to explain what we are learning during that week. To view a copy of the sharing letter please click on the link below.

Sharing Letter - 20.05.19

Sharing Letter - 10.06.19


A very big 'Thank you' to Beulah's mummy, Kate, for letting Plum and Mulberry children visit your café, The Purple Spoon. We all had such a lovely time baking and creating our Gingerbread People through the week. It really helped to bring our story of 'The Gingerbread Man' to life. After baking the Gingerbread People, the children even got to feed the ducks by the canal before walking back to school. Ethan said "I got a little bit messy but it was so fun." 

 Dani from Farmlink provided us with some chick eggs. We had to make sure we looked after the eggs and keep them warm. After lots of waiting the eggs began to hatch! We now have 7 chicks. We have enjoyed holding them, looking after them and naming them before they have to be collected and returned to the Farmer. 

 We have been learning all about The Little Red Hen. The classrooms have been smelling delicious while the bread rolls have been baking in the oven. Unlike the farm animals in the story, we all helped. On Thursday we had a very special visitor. The Little Red Hen came in to meet us. Liz told us the story and brought the book to life for us. We ground some seeds to make flour. We noticed the seeds were hard and the flour was soft. Georgia asked "How does she eat?" Liz told us she eats with her beak. Ana noticed something on The Little Red Hen and asked "Why does she have that ring on her foot?" Liz explained how the ring tells us how old the Hen is. We found out lots of information from Liz and enjoyed having our visitors. 

We enjoy our PE lessons, indoors and outside too! We learn how to jump, hop, skip, run and more. Amelia is concentrating on her hopping skills. Tobie-Jai is running fast for his team. Olivija is practising her balancing. We are looking forward to the warmer weather arriving so we can get out on the school field, and begin to learn some multi-skills. 

Red Nose Day 2019. Thank you for your kind donations. Westover Green School raised £250.00! If you would like to find out more about where your money goes please visit the website https://www.comicrelief.com/rednoseday 

Look what we grew! We planted Daffodil bulbs last November. To help them grow, we had to look after them. We planted the bulbs in soil, we watered them and kept them outside. The daffodils grew and grew. "They have leaves on them." said Ana. "They have grown really tall." Harley-Jay told us. When the children went on a walk they noticed more daffodils  around the school. 

World Book Day 2019. What a great day we have had today. The children looked amazing in their costumes (and the adults too)! So many book characters including Postman Pat, Buzz Lightyear, Little Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbell, Captain Jack Sparrow... the list goes on. Well done to Emma, dressed as Dobby from Harry Potter, for winning the 'Best Dressed' in Foundation Stage. 


Wow! A very big thank you to all of those parents, carers, grand parents, friends and siblings who could come and join us for our creative morning. What a great success. The children really enjoyed having their visitors and having the opportunity to be creative together. There were some fantastic 'Environments in a box' created. From the Arctic regions, with penguins and polar bears to the Jungle with snakes and monkey's that swing! There was a vast amount of adults with a creative flair! Everyone enjoyed the variety of activities on offer. Whether they chose to create animals using different shapes, play games on the iPads, fill in missing number lines, take turns on the giant snakes and ladders or use the magnetic shapes to make pictures, everyone had lots of fun. 

As part of our creativity week we discovered lots of facts about the country England. We found out about the capital of England, London, and the Royal Family. On Wednesday, our visitor Olivia came in to teach us country dancing. We were so good, we showcased our dancing to year one and two! To prepare for our 'Royal Street Party' the children could choose to make a cheese, jam or cucumber sandwich. As well as the sandwiches the children made, they also enjoyed making a pot of jelly and iced a cupcake too! On Thursday, we all wore the colours Red, White and Blue to represent Great Britain. This is the day we had our street party. The children enjoyed the snacks they made as we listened to some English Country Dancing music. During the party, they waved their flags they cut and coloured too. 

Mulberry and Plum class visited Court Farm today. The children were such a credit to the school. All the adults were so proud of them. When we arrived, Farmer Edd showed us into the barn. We had a drink of milk and a snack. Soon after, we watched a cow being milked. It was the cows very first time with an audience! We listened to what Farmer Edd was telling us, we then had lots of opportunities to ask and answer some questions. Next, we went on a journey around the farm. It was a very wet and windy day but most of the animals were indoors. We saw sheep and lambs, chickens and hens, donkeys and goats, cows and some very smelly pigs! Before eating our lunch we washed our hands from all the fussing of the animals. When we finished our lunch, it was time to burn off our energy in the indoor play area. There was lots of climbing, sliding, crawling and running. It was such good fun at the farm, we were very tired on the journey home! 

We had some milk and a

snack when we arrived.

Enjoying a banana and milk.

Listening to Farmer Edd.

Watching the cow being milked.

Farmer Pete showing us how

they milk the cows.

We all fed the cows

some hay.

Farmer Edd let us stroke the lamb.

Julyanna got a little bit

messy feeding the cows! 

Alex said the lamb felt

like 'cotton candy'

Kacey volunteered to

be weighed,

just like the lambs!

It was Archie's turn to

get weighed.

Emma wanted a turn too!
The cows were very friendly. This lamb was only 3 hours old!

Kiowa enjoying

the slide.

Class photo - Mulberry Class photo - Plum

Skajus decided to slide

on his tummy!

Lexi went really fast

down the slide.

It was a very tiring day at the Farm!

The bus journey home was very quiet! 

Wear Red Day! The children were all dressed in Red today to raise awareness for British Heart Foundation. Their vision is a world without heart and circulatory diseases. Thank you to the parents and carers for your generous donations. The money will be used to fund research to keep hearts beating and blood flowing. If you want to find out more please visit their website - www.bhf.org.uk

A very exciting day today! We walked to Northgate school to visit the 'Explorer Dome'. It introduced our new topic 'About Our World'. Russel and Jonas helped us explore the different parts of the World. We saw stars, the moon, animals from around the World, the Jungle, underwater and the Desert too. Lucy told us "It's like a giant tent. I liked the rain inside." Lily said "I liked it when the picture of the North Pole was up." Alex told us "I liked the rain because it gone on my ears." We were so excited when it was time to go home so that we could tell our parents and carers all about our new discoveries!  

A group of children in Mulberry and Plum class achieved their 95% or above attendance certificates. These children were also awarded their Golden tickets! They took their Golden tickets to the office to place their names in the raffle. Unfortunately, there were no Foundation children picked this time but there's always next term! A big well done to these children. 

We all really enjoyed our Christmas Party. It was such a lot of fun! We played party games which included Musical Bumps, Musical Statues, 'Don't let the balloon drop' and there was even the best dancer competition! Rebecca said "We danced all along and it was so fun." When we finished dancing we were ready to eat our party food. "It's good food." Lexi told us. We were very excited to pull our Christmas crackers. We wore our Christmas hats that we made with Miss Lock while we ate the delicious food. 

Nativity time! Mulberry and Plum children all dressed as Donkey's for our 'Wriggly Nativity'. They plodded into the hall and joined in with the singing. The adults are so proud of all the children for learning the songs, singing beautifully and signing too. "We are tired Donkey's now." Jasper told us when we finished our fourth, and last performance to the parents! 

It was our Christmas lunch. We enjoyed listening to the Christmas music while we ate with our friends. The adults brought us our food to the table, we didn't even have to line up! The Christmas balloons made us very excited! Alisha said "It was fun. I liked my sausage and potatoes."

Plum and Mulberry children went on a Bear Hunt. We took our teddy bears with us on our hunt for the Bear in the cave. We had to go through long wavy grass, a deep cold river, thick oozy mud, a big dark forest, a swirling whirling snowstorm and tip toed to the cave. We found the Bear! Tobie-Jai said "I liked the water, it was going splish." 

As part of our Bear topic we baked Bear shaped biscuits. We talked about how important it is to wash our hands first before we started. Our hands got very dirty and it made our fingers sticky. Once the Bear biscuits were cooked we all sat down to eat them. They were delicious! 

We enjoyed Gardening outdoors. We planted the Sunflower seeds and talked about what three things were needed to help the Sunflower grow. Soil, light and water. 

We enjoy choosing our learning indoors and outdoors. We like to be independent and creative. Jack told me "I am matching up the letters and patterns." Alisha used the chalk to draw Humpty Dumpty on the playground, she said "Humpty Dumpty is round."