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Year 6 Beech

Curriculum Overview 2018-2019

Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term 2018

Curriculum Overview - Spring Term 2019

Curriculum Overview - Summer Term 2019


Beech Class - Summer Term Newsletter 2019

Beech Class - Spring Newsletter 2019

Beech Class - Autumn Newsletter 2018


Musical Workshops

Food and Drink Festival

Enterprise - Onesie Mile

'We the Curious' Trip

Mexican Day of the Dead

Lion King London Trip

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Summer Term

Movie Night

We organised a movie night for the whole school to help raise money for our enterprise project. 

 Health and Fitness - Creativity Week

Playing Rounders We created life-size diagrams of the Cardiovascular System.  Using 'Clips' on the iPads to create an informative video about the Cardiovascular System. 
Finding the key-features of an explanation text in preparation for writing our own about the Cardiovascular System.  Playing French Cricket.  Caterpillar Rounders - all the batters run. 


Mecredi Magnifique

We spent a day learning about French food during our Fabulous Friday. We tasted some French food and then made our own labelled supermarkets. 


Using Kahoot to answer questions about famous Inventors.  We made our own Kahoot quiz about Tim-Berners Lee and then hosted a class quiz. Exploring properties of 3D shapes in maths. 


Bridgwater Food and Drink Festival

This is our stall at the Bridgwater Food and Drink Festival. We decided to sell fudge to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of Mrs Godfey, a member of Year 6 staff who sadly died this year. Here is the quote from their website after the event: "A few months ago we approached Westover Green School with a new fund raising project. We kick started the money pot and it was up to the children to send out letters asking for donations. We are so happy to have been told that they raised £270.00 from having a stall on Saturday selling fudge with all the money going to the British Heart Foundation. A massive well done to everyone that was involved with this."


Inventions and Discoveries - Our Learning Loops


Algebra Problem Solving Jigsaw Bunting - Dreams and Goals Making Easter Wreaths


Spring Term: Inventions and Discoveries

We completed some research

about Rosalind Franklin and

found out she discovered the

Double-Helix structure of DNA.

We completed an

experiment to

extract the DNA from

strawberries. We did this by

mashing them and using

a special solution to help

separate the DNA from rest

of the cells. 

We had to carefully

strain the liquid using

a filter. The DNA looked 

white strands on the

top of the liquid. 

Finding all the possibilities

- Counters in a Bag.

Finding all the possibilities - 

Beads on a Necklace. 

Finding all the possibilities - 

Hockey Game Scores

Finding all the possibilities - 

Coins to pay for balloons. 

Playing equivalent fraction, 

decimal and percentage


World Book Day 2019

Orienteering to find

different ciphers to


Finding out about Alan

Turing and Joan Clarke -

Using a cipher wheel to

crack the code. 

We have been practising 

our netball skills during

PE lessons. 

Grouping verbs into their

tense forms. 

Warming up ready for our

onesie mile as part

of our enterprise. 

Practising 'The Cup Song' 

during music lessons. 

Learning about how to 

programme Spheros during


Programming our Spheros. 

We managed to get our

Spheros to change colour, 

direction and make sounds. 


Creativity Week

Our Creativity Week during the Spring term had a multi-cultural focus. In Beech Class we found out about historic and modern Benin. 

We created some traditional

Benin Weaving. 

 We tasted some tradition

Benin food: stew, beans,

rice and couscous.

We used clay to

re-create Benin


We boxed up a tradition

Benin myth and used

these to write our own


 We used iPads to film

our Benin Myths and

edited them in iMovie. 

We worked in

groups to create a

timeline of Benin. 

We listened to some traditional Benin drumming. We then used djembes to compose our own rhythms and perform them in a drum circle. 

Spring Term: Inventions and Discoveries

Here are some of the thing we have been learning during this term's topic. 

We researched famous inventors to become experts in them and teach the rest of the class about what we had discovered. 


We investigated how the brightness of bulbs changed depending on the number in a circuit.

We experimented with loops on Garageband. 

We shared our loop re-mixes, that we composed using Garageband,  with the rest of the class. 

 We use place-value counters to learn how to multiply decimals.  In science we have been using different electrical components to make simple circuits. 

In art we painted sunset backgrounds for our bridge landscapes using water-colours. 

We learnt about

Ada Lovelace and

Charles Babbage and their contributions to computing. We then tried writing using binary code. 

We had to work in teams to crack the code in a binary problem solving activity. 

We worked in groups to try and work out the combinations on the locks by reading the binary codes. 


'We The Curious' trip to Bristol

We visited to the science museum 'We the Curious' as an introduction to our inventions and discoveries topic. During our visit we were able to explore the museum as well as taking part in a robotics workshop. 


Lights and Sounds

Sand Art The Evolution of Man

Experimenting with


Animation Bubbles

Making and testing


Optical Illusions

Programming our


Testing our Robots Robotic Arm Robotics Workshop

Autumn Term

Here are some of the things we have been learning about during this term's topic.

English - Examples of DADWAVERS

Experimenting with light and

finding out the direction

light travels in.

Filming using iStopmotion

Stop Motion animation of our

Christmas Scenes

Mexican Day of the Dead...

We wore traditional Day of the Dead costumes.  We baked sugar skull cookies.  Tissue paper flower decorations. 
Planning and writing an information leaflet.  Mexican tin art.  Quilling sugar skulls
Creating straw skeletons.  Making tissue paper flowers.  Making tissue paper skulls. 

 Fabulous Friday

This time we were given a box! Here's what we did with it...

Ideas of how we could use our box We decided to use the box to make scenery for stop motion animation. Here we are starting to make our scenery Christmas Scene for Stop Motion Filming

Scene for Stop Motion Filming We used Lego figures for our characters  Practising filming using iStop Motion. 


Autumn Term: Mexico

Here are some of the things we have been learning about during this term's topic.

PE - Circuits PE - Planking in Circuits Creating a light pyramid during science. 
Tasting and evaluating different Mexican foods to inform our Taco designs.  Designing and making tacos A finished taco. 
Making Aztec settlements Our Mexican learning loop.  Maths problem solving. 
In science we have been learning about Linnaen classification. Here is the start of one of our classification trees.  Researching plastic pollution as part of eco-week.  A group homophone poem. 
We set up experiments to investigate the best conditions for microorganisms to grow in as part of our variation and classification science topic.  During RE we discussed suffering. Here we are writing questions that we thought of when looking at these pictures of suffering.  Ukulele lesson - composing using open strings. 

Charterhouse 2018

We had an amazing time on our Year 6 residential trip to Charterhouse. Here are some of the things we got up to...

Caving  Archery Bog walk
Entering the cave In the cave entrance. Night walk on the Mendips
Rescuing our lost wellies Shelter building Team building games
Team games The view of Cheddar Gorge on our 8 mile walk! After the bog walk.