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Westover Green Community School

Year 3 Silver Birch


Silver Birch Class Parents' Letter - Autumn 2018

Silver Birch Class Parents' Letter - Spring 2019

Silver_Birch Class Parents' Letter Summer 2019

Topic Overviews

Year 3 - Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2018

Year 3 - Curriculum Overview - Spring 2019

Year 3 - Curriculum Overview - Summer 2019


On Wednesday 22nd May Y3 went to the YMCA for a day of adventurous pursuits. Everyone had a fantastic time with a 'I can do it' attitude to each challenging activity.

Bell boating was fun.

First we learnt to paddle


Our instructor steered the

bell boat whilst we all paddled.

To increase our confidence

we were challenged to stand up. 


Traversing the climbing wall. Who can get to the top? All ready for caving.

Having fun in the caves.

Balanced and ready for

the low ropes.

All safe on the first island.

During our French Day we read a book about making a pizza. We learned the French words for the toppings. We designed and labelled our own pizzas, made pizzas out of tissue paper and made pizzas from baguettes.  We even tasted some French food including brie (creamy) and pain au chocolat (sweet).


Trying out the new playground markings.

Jumping and turning High knees Punch the sky

 We are learning how characters' thoughts and feelings affect their motives and actions. W read an extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and recreated it. We then asked and answered questions about the characters.

 We listened to a cliff hanger from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and reacted as if we were Harry Potter. 

 We each looked at a range of adventure stories and chose one we would like to read.

 We read the Easter story and represented part of the story using water colour and sugar paper.

We worked together to

cut out the sugar paper

crosses and hills.

We stuck the sugar paper

hills onto the background.

Finally we added the cross

to the background.

 We made Easter cards using levers. The legs of the sheep move when you pull its tail.

Cutting out the body of the sheep.

Helping each other to

attach the levers.

A final cut before putting

the parts together.

We just love to dance!

We are beginning to identify Roman numerals.

As part of our History topic, Y3 had a Roman Day. We all dressed up as Romans, some of us were soldiers and some were Roman citizens of Britannia.  During the day we studied Roman numerals, gave ourselves Roman names, found a latin motto, made wreaths and bracelets and tasted food that the Romans brought to Britain. We all had a great time.

We had fun creating Roman shields.

 World Book Day

Hogwarts came to Westover. A fierce group of characters.

Y3 staff dressed up as

characters from Little

Red Riding Hood.

 We read a short play script to the class.

 We read the Roman myth Romulus and Remus which explains how Rome was founded. We worked in 2s and 3s to frieze frame different parts of the myth.

Romulus and Remus in a

basket in the River Tiber.

A she-wolf rescues 

Romulus and Remus.

Romulus and Remus

fight over which hill to

build their city on.

 Floor Work in PE 

Our trip to Dunster.

The river meanders its way towards the mouth. The river widens and slows in the middle course.
The river's journey ends.

We threw a stick into the water to see how

fast it was flowing.


We chose to find out about California.

Researching the USA using the iPads. We created our New York skyline.
It took a long time to put in all the windows. We had a quiz all about the USA. With a partner we matched the answer to the question.
We had a food tasting afternoon. We tasted bagels with cream cheese. Yummy, that was tasty!
The cheesecake was very popular. Delicious!!

Low apparatus work in PE

The Water Cycle

We are creating a picture of the water cycle. A photo was taken each time something was added to the picture. We are using the iPad app to watch animation.
I can demonstrate and say what is happening in the water cycle. We used cotton wool and tissue paper to make a collage of the water cycle.

High apparatus in PE

Christmas Activities

Christmas dinner Creating Christmas cards. Good team work boys!
Using hand cutouts we made our wreaths. We acted out the Christmas story We enjoyed a wonderful party.
We made tree decorations. We played the snowman game. What concentration!

 Fabulous Friday

Each group painted a panel. We added a turf roof. We made a round house with our panels.
We stencilled. We tried it out! We worked in groups to design our cave painting.

We had a go at building Stonehenge with....

Biscuits Foam bricks Jenga blocks
Lego Magnets Wooden blocks

Creativity Week

This looks like a femur. I think these teeth belonged to a carnivore. I think this was a sheep.
The jaw bone is from a cow. Matching bones to the picture. One of the smaller skulls.
Sketching skeletons. Identifying bones.
Creating posters. We created posters to promote good handwashing. We pressed her our hands into wet sand to represent germs.
The sand was everywhere to show how germs spread.
Making dragon eyes. Using clay to make dragon eyes. Painting our dragon eyes.
These dragon eyes look amazing.

First half term in Silver Birch.

A bit of freize framing. I found a dragon egg! I think I saw a dragon tail over here.
Sketching a dragon ready to write our story This dragon egg is starting to hatch. We are creating our own dragon.
We are creating our own dragon. Some animals have their skeleton on the outside of their bodies. We drew in the bones that make up our body.
We had to look for the answer to our body quiz around the room. Using drama to tell a story. Swish that heavy sword to cut down the trees.
We had to climb to the top of the mountain. I can explain why a number is greater than another one. Making 3 digit numbers with diennes.
We counted in 5s then in 50s.

Little Evie in the Wild Wood

Evie and the wolf eat jam tarts Evie enters the wood and walks along the path. Evie reaches a clearing and hears a growl.
Mama is waiting for Evie and the wolf returns to the wild. She walks deeper into the woods watched by the animals. The she wolf appears.
The wolf takes Evie home on her back. The woodpigeons tell her to be careful.

 Taunton Museum

Cave painting Dressing up as a Stone Age person. During the Stone Age teeth were used to make necklaces.
Good team work girls. Looking at different Stone Age objects. The obstacle course was tricky.
Those animal skins look warm. Using stones to grind seeds into flour. We imagined ourselves as hunters using a bow and arrow.
We made use of our throwing skills. We would have used spears made from flint and wood.