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Year 4 Larch


Larch Class Newsletter - Autumn 2018

Larch Class Newsletter - Spring 2019

Larch Class Newsletter - Summer 2019

Curriculum Overview

Year 4 - Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2018

Year 4 - Curriculum Overview - Spring 2019

Year 4 - Curriculum Overview - Summer 2019


Spring Timetable

Summer Timetable (including Swimming)

Summer Timetable (not including Swimming) - HT6


Our fantastic trip to Pinkery!

Pinkery - Pond Walk Pinkery - Night Walk Pinkery - Burrow Mount Walk
Pinkery - Archery Pinkery - Low Ropes 1 Pinkery - Low Ropes 2
Pinkery - Stream Rock Walk Pinkery - Orienteering Pinkery - Team Buidling
Creativity Week!
Cooking at the Purple Spoon Haka Workshop Using Scratch in Computing
Cooking at the Purple Spoon Haka Workshop Using Scratch in Computing
Violins with Mrs Morgan Taking part in the Great RSPB Birdwatch World Book Day
Violins with Mrs Morgan The Great RSPB Birdwatch World Book Day

 Our Viking Day with Dave the Viking!

Dave the Viking taught us about Viking weapons. We learnt how to use an axe and a shield. We designed and made our own Viking shields.
We learnt about armour. We learnt about helmets. We staged our own shield line.
Dragonese Day Anglo-Saxon Model Village
Finally Dave told us a Norse Myth. Dragonese Day We built an Anglo-Saxon Model Village.

P.E. Photos!

P.E. Dance P.E. Football Skills P.E. Gym Skills
P.E. Tactical Games  P.E. Tactical Games  P.E. Throwing and Catching Skills
P.E. Trim Trail P.E. Vaulting P.E. Basketball Skills
Orienteering at Haygrove Dance with Mrs Ruddock
Fab Friday - Getting Creative P.E. Orienteering at Haygrove P.E. Dance with Mrs Ruddock

Apple Day!

Apple tasting. Investigating whether apples sink or float. Using pastels to create apple Pop Art.
Celebrating Apple Day. Our Apple Day Pop Art display.

Programming Spheros!

Problem solving with Spheros. Programming a Sphero. Racing Spheros in a straight line.