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Elm Class Autumn Term Newsletter 2018

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Curriculum Overviews

Elm Class - Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term 2018

Elm Class - Curriculum Overview - Spring Term 2019


Pyjamarama Day

We had fun by dressing up in our pyjamas for the day so that we could raise money for the Book Trust.


In science we learned about the parts of a flower.


This week we have been making good use of our new playground markings.


In Gymnastics this week we were thinking about balances and shapes.

Our Year 5 Inspired Playground Leaders.

 Easter Competition.

The children in Elm class were very proud of their entries.

 Elm class news.

Welcome to Mr. Foyle who started in March as a Teaching Assistant.


In Music this week we learned to play ukuleles.


Some children had the opportunity to learn how to ride their bikes safely.


In art we used folding and cutting techniques to create designs that incorporated shapes and pattern.

  PE - Gymnastics

We were learning how to do log rolls, tuck rolls and teddy rolls.

 World Book Day

In our last week of swimming we had a fun session.

In creativity week we learned an aboriginal dance.

In hockey this week we played competitive games.

This week in hockey we learned how to tackle by using our sticks to 'jab' and 'block'.

We had a visitor that came to talk to our class about Fire Safety.

We went into the ICT suite to do research and practise our number facts.

Having Fun in Golden Time!

In art this week we have been learning about collage.

Ancient Egyptians- in our last lesson we learned about mummification and we mummified a tomato.

This week we learned to do 4 different passes in hockey- push, drive, swipe and flick.

This term we are learning lots of new hockey skills with Mr Hammond

Showing our Fabulous Friday scenes.

Swimming 4.12.18

6.12.18 We attended a gym festival at Haygrove School. Fantastic activities and effort!

We used iPads to create our own garage band sounds.

Year 5 have started swimming lessons!

22nd November 2018 - We had a fantastic day! A visitor came to teach us about Ancient Egypt.  We took part in activities which included bread making, archeology and scarab beetle painting.

As part of our topic on Ancient Greeks we had a special day where we dressed up in costumes and held a mock Greek banquet.

During a maths lesson we were looking at negative numbers.  We ordered them, looking at which was biggest  and which was smallest.

During a PE lesson we made good use of the sunny day and played tennis. We worked well in pairs.

During creativity week we made eco-friendly houses from recycled material.

During our science lesson we were experimenting with muddy water. We used filter paper and a funnel to separate the mud from the water.